WOWW story

"Successful" young couple, $0 net worth
Jenny and Kristian once lived in Estonia, a progressive, rapidly developing (Northern) European country in Eastern Europe. The future founders of WOWW will visit the economic camp in the summer of 2005. Kristian is developing a number of small businesses, some of which are also successful, but money tends to run out of sight (investment in new projects, repayment of loans, gradually increasing the cost of living with income.
Pildid / #9
WOWW founders Jenny and Kristian in 2011 at their wedding

In the summer of 2011, the young people will marry, being a completely typical, economically successful young couple with a real net worth of round zero. Although they own shares in small companies, beautiful new cars and a modern home, in reality they all belong mainly to banks. This fake lifestyle is like a curve mirror that distorts reality and the creeping negative inner feeling keeps growing ...

A life-changing decision
On August 5, 2013, together celebrating the second wedding anniversary, their size will be finally full, such a life does not seem absolutely WOWW! Blond Finance LLC, an investment company with 3,000 euros, is founded (the same company later became the founder of the Trust Fund). It is decided to repay all the loans on an ongoing basis, to significantly reduce the cost of living and to live for oneself instead of creating an image for others. A sparse lifestyle generates a surprisingly strong positive energy. The goal is to continuously transfer the earned salaries and profits through the investment company, in the same order of magnitude as the initial capital on a monthly basis.

Three thousand will become 300,000
We invest an average of 3,000 euros a month in high-quality real estate in Estonia (some in need of repair), which can be expected to increase in value as well as a decent rental income. There is also a small profit from rising gold and silver prices. Through vigorous investment decisions (constantly acquiring the types of real estate whose market is lukewarm at the time of purchase) and making consistent contributions, the result will be 100x higher than the initial capital in six years. Yes, most of this amount has been put into the founders themselves, but still, the end result (combination of collection and productivity) is amazingly nice!

"Wait ... but if we could do this, then ...
... many others will certainly be able to do the same! "Increasing capital by 100x in six years will become our obsession and mantra. is 10 ... 12% per year.) We are ignited by the vision that financial freedom could be achieved for many people today!
Pildid / JK WOWW office
WOWW founders in the summer of 2019 in the office

Real estate fund without management fees
In order to realize our vision of a hundred and a thousand times capital increase, we are establishing a Trust Fund – a fund that has no management fees and motivates its members to make regular contributions. We are also starting a WOWW blog that will spread the mindset about financial freedom.

WOWW life
We all live only once (strictly speaking), there is no point in wasting our lives and time in this world, but living well! Our dream is for as many good people in the world as possible to be financially free to live their WOWW lives. We want people to be able to enjoy themselves and the passage of time, to be satisfied with their financial situation and to be exactly who they really want to be inside. © 2021