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WOWW monetary value
Exact value of WOWW unit:
1,0291 EUR
WOWW fund equity:
335 808,20 EUR
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How does WOWW help you become a millionaire?

1. We help you to invest consistently
When investing, it is even more important than the return to be consistent and to make large contributions. This is where WOWW comes to the rescue and we will help you develop a working plan for investing.

2. You will start earning both value growth and rental income
Every WOWW share you buy gives you a stake in the fund. Now you are the owner of the real estate of the same value.

3. Belief in strong performance
Since we do not have fixed management fees, we should earn the highest possible return. The performance of well-built real estate funds has historically been on average higher than, for example, the performance of S&P 500 index funds.

Become a millionaire. Live your WOWW life.

WOWW fund conditions:

  • The fund owns and manages cash-generating real estate, to a lesser extent gold & silver.
  • If you own fund units, then consequently you own the same amount of real real estate.
  • Income is earned from both real estate rental and value growth.
  • Larger purchases are timed for periods of decline, then purchases are leveraged with a loan.
  • All profits are constantly re-invested, thus increasing the value of the unit.
  • There are NO classic management fees in the fund (this is a rather unusual approach).
  • The management company calculates a 25% performance fee from both the fund's profit and loss (!). Therefore, the management company jointly and severally covers the loss.

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