When the decision to create a real estate fund was made, we asked ourselves in which fund we would like to invest. The first criterion for us was that each partner, as an investor, should be the owner of the investment in a specific and proportionate manner. The trust fund, as a legal entity, provides an ideal opportunity for this - the shareholders are also directly the owners of the fund's investments (real estate), in proportion to the money invested. The entire Trust Fund belongs only to the partners who have invested in it. The fund is managed by the fund manager, but it is wise to consolidate the management decisions, otherwise there will be a large and slow company effect (dinosaur).

There are no management fees
Another important criterion was the absence of any fixed fees, because it is precisely because of these that the funds are usually not very useful to people. Therefore, we built the WOWW fund only on the performance fee-based model. This is the only way to ensure the highest possible return for all partners.

In truth, we are not unique in the global context - there are only performance-based funds, and for the most part they also produce very good returns for their partners, well above the stock market average in the long run.

Background inspiration
The creation of the WOWW fund was first inspired by compound interest, which is simply a super magical concept. For example, imagine you step on a tennis court, play an exciting game there, say two hours. When you walk away from the square later, you are a little richer than when you walk there a few hours earlier. Awesome, right?

Imagine that the amount of money increased significantly exceeds the price of using a tennis court, depreciation of equipment, etc. In that case, you will become more and more prosperous, no matter how exactly you spend your day. This is compound interest at work - Your money works for you, not You do not work for money.
"Money is a Good Servant but a Bad Master." - Francis Bacon

Money printing
On the other hand, we were inspired by the whole situation of insane (u n b e l i e v a b l e) money printing, which has become completely common in Western central banks in the recent past and the end of which does not seem to appear anywhere. On the contrary, the acceleration of money supply can be predicted quite reliably. This, in turn, is guaranteed to push real assets to unprecedented heights (from another angle, currencies will simply depreciate).

However, being the owner of a property in such a context is absolutely appropriate. Real estate has generally been the most productive asset class during inflationary periods, as it also has commodity characteristics (equities have fewer of them), but commodities are known for their large price increases during inflationary periods. Unlike raw materials, real estate also has the ability to generate cash flow, which makes it the best asset class in a quantitatively loose world (in my subjective opinion).

A dream
In conclusion, WOWW wants to realize the vision of achieving financial freedom through investing in real estate. We invest money in such a way that it is convenient (possible with small amounts), liquid (money can be withdrawn if necessary) and adequately measurable at any time and offering the maximum possible return. Reporting and information must be absolutely transparent.

We are encouraged by the previous eight-year track record in real estate. In any case, I am absolutely convinced that the coming years will be exciting and filled with strong work and productivity.
Pildid / woww dot