Today we grind the ends and push the WOWW base off the berth. We are announcing a regatta currency between the dollar and the WOWW unit. At the start, on April 1, 2021, one WOWW money will cost one $ 1.17 (exactly one euro). Such pricing of a unit is intentional, because after a year, two and ten it is nice to accurately measure how many percent or times one WOWW money has expanded larger than the euro, which is still exactly one euro. The founders of the WOWW fund will first invest $ 350,000 in cash.

The euro has no chance
Not to brag in advance, but of course the euro has no chance in this competition. But this cannot be resented by the dollar, which is not his goal. The purpose of the dollar is to enable us to buy milk, bread and other necessities in the shop. He is widely known everywhere and is very suitable as a means of payment.

The problem arises when people mistakenly think that the dollar is also suitable for storing their earned savings in the long run. It is not suitable for that at all, and I predict that the more time passes, the less it will be suitable, because these dollars are coming into our system more and more. Before I can end this sentence, a few million dollars have already been added to the system (this is a conservative estimate).

So how does a WOWW money win a dollar?
The dollar is not secured by anything material. WOWW units, on the other hand, correspond to a certain number of square meters of real estate, which at any given time (for example, when you sleep) bring income to their owners. Income is also generated when the value of real estate increases - but in fact it is mainly due to the depreciation of the euro, not the increase in the value of real estate.

Dollars have no substantive value (ability to make money), they only have an agreed value, as a means of payment. However, WOWW units own a fund and the fund owns real estate that is vital to people. None of us can live without a certain shelter, at least not at this latitude.

Why invest together?
It is a good idea to invest money in real estate together for three main reasons: First, all the money is constantly invested. If you invest alone and you have, for example, $ 25,000, then you can't buy any real estate for that money and your return is 0%. Second, management is shared, it is a place of savings. Third, purchases are made systematically. In the event of a market downturn, the fund can use leverage.
Pildid / woww dot