Are you one of the many who drive themselves poor? For example, I am specifically. Or rather, I was because I don't do it anymore. But for a long time he became poor. I will explain in more detail what I mean.

50% rule
All situations are individual, but according to a common rule of thumb: If the total value of your vehicles is 50% or more of your total annual income, then you are a slave to your car, financially. This is a fact that is difficult to refute. If the value of the car is more than half, then you only have to make an emergency to survive, save something or plan.

When I see it, I sympathize with you
The most important tool for generating wealth is your income. Savings are generated from income and savings can be channeled into investment. If your car costs 50 or more percent of annual income, then there is no hope of starting to increase wealth. So when I see you in a terribly expensive car, maybe even your entire year's income or more, I'm not patting you on the shoulder, praising how well you're doing. I sympathize with you instead.

There are endless excuses for buying a car that is too expensive for you. The salesman says that repairs are more expensive than the lease payment (he drives an old car himself, a real situation, by the way), a friend suggests that children should be driven in a safer car, etc. The principle is the same - we create a need from an empty space and consume more. We behave foolishly and let emotions sink our lives financially.

The richest person in the family
By managing the car wisely and channeling the freed-up money into investment alone, it is possible to accumulate wealth over the years in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars over a lifetime. If you drive a cheap car for a few years and invest, you can buy virtually any car later. If you think about the amount of 2 million euros (yes, it can be generated in the long run by managing cars differently), does anyone in your family have such an amount of fully liquid funds? Maybe, statistically on average, rather not.

Get over and don't equal your car. Do yourself a favor - sell the leased car and start your WOWW life. It is not pleasant to sit in a beautiful car on loan, believe me, I have tried. Think about how much wealth you can earn with the money released.
Pildid / woww dot