I will tell you about the best real estate investment first with the example of shares. Hopefully they recognized the person in the picture, he is old Mr. Warren Buffett, one of the richest people in the world and the most successful investor ever. Buffett has accumulated his massive fortune thanks to his ability to choose high-yielding stocks in the future. It is admirable that the shares he has chosen are available to all and well known. The four largest investments in its portfolio are: Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, American Express.

What do these four companies have in common?
Warren is a man in the United States, and all four of the above companies have an extremely strong market share in the United States and, in fact, worldwide. They have a monopoly market position in many ways. By this I do not mean by the word "monopoly" anything negative, prohibited market agreements or other fears. I mean this in the best capitalist key - these companies have such a strong market share that it has a very positive effect on their cash flows.

When we go to the store, The Coca-Cola Company's products still tend to stay ahead of us (and later in the basket). Let's say you decide to be healthy and don't drink sugar anymore. But then we discover that the natural mineral water we buy also belongs to Coca-Cola.

The most productive real estate of all time is ...
... monopoly real estate. In order for your property to generate more money than other alternatives, it must have some characteristics that are somewhat irreplaceable, in other words, monopolistic (like Buffett's chosen companies). It is often mistakenly thought that this feature can be described as a single feature, for example, it is recommended to invest only in Tallinn, only in guest apartments, only in non-renovated apartments, only in new apartments, only in small town apartments, only in one rooms, only in four rooms, only in commercial premises, etc.

There are endless examples, but in reality no single individual feature guarantees a good return. Similarly, it cannot be recommended that only the shares of a lemonade producer be worth buying. Your real estate should be monopolistic in nature as a whole, not just one very good property..

The best real estate object in the world
The most productive object is a modern private house in the Old Town, inside the forest and by the sea. Since no one has been able to buy such an object yet, the following should be considered when evaluating the property as a whole. If one particular feature should be pointed out from which this monopoly originates, then, of course, that first feature is location.
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