Today, March 23, 2021, the Trust Fund is registered! This is a very happy day for us, as we have been planning it and preparing legal proceedings for three quarters of a year.

Jenny and Kristian's life-changing decision
From our background, so much so that after we finally got into a measure of debt and poverty in 2013 (which on the outside may have been "successful"), we set up an investment company that grew from $ 3,500 in six years with 350,000 of our paid-in installments. dollar capital.

The decision to start investing was life-changing for us. At that point, we changed our habits in two main respects: First, we adjusted our lifestyles so that our income exceeded our costs (after all), and we began to set aside (save) money on a regular basis. Second, we began to invest rigorously and regularly in profitable asset classes, mostly decent real estate.

Why do we want you to be prosperous?
Now our investment company has established a Trust Fund, with the aim that you, or anyone interested in investing, can invest money in real estate together with us. As there are no administration fees for the WOWW fund, we are extremely interested in your financial freedom. Because the only way we can get paid for our work (fund management) is when your investments have achieved a decent return and we can get a performance fee from it.

So, before work, then pay. First you get rich and then you get paid for the work we do. To clarify, all kinds of funds usually work on the principle that they earn from management fees (WOWW management fees are $ 0).

Why set up a fund at all?
The simple answer is that, in our view, there is no fund in which we would like to invest ourselves. The broader background is also that money is constantly coming to the national monetary system, it is necessary to protect oneself from the effects of inflation. Investing in real estate alone is not very effective. It is much more efficient to invest in real estate in groups.

WOWW life
The name "WOWW" is inspired by our spiritual motto: "Get free financially. Live your WOWW life." WOWW life means to us that we are financially free, and we do not have to constantly rely on limited possibilities in all decisions. A person can live exactly the way he wants to be, whoever he wants to be.
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