The picture shows young happy singing revolutionaries from Estonia's revolutionary eighties. Singing together helped a small European country regain its lost independence. The WOWW revolution here is that we are making a huge difference in our lives with just one decision - to start investing regularly.

We founded an investment company with $ 3,500 in 2013, and exactly six years later it had grown to more than $ 350,000. The trick to such a strong money supply is consistent contributions (in our example, the same amount as the initial capital) in cooperation with a normal return, 10% per year. Here's a recipe for how to grow money effectively:

1. Making money
You must first have a source of income. A solid job or a stable business, whatever income it is, without it there is no way. Because the most important tool for generating wealth is your income. The good news is that you don't have to be a high-paid employee to get rich, just have a normal and stable job.

2. Saving money
This is the most insidious part now! It sounds easy, but in reality it is the hardest part to do. Namely, the whole market economy system is built in such a way that traders, when marketing their goods to us (sometimes even smearing them on the head), always create demand from a relatively empty space and entice us to spend all the money we earn. It's not primarily about the amount of income, but about the ability to spend less each month than you earn, so the savings accrue.

3. Investing money
Saving alone doesn't help you much. You need to continue investing your savings in profitable asset classes, especially the two most profitable instruments in history: real estate or stocks. Then the money will work for you. If you keep those dollars under the pillow, it's much better, if not to save at all, but still a very partial solution, because in that case you will not benefit from the "eighth wonder of the world".

4. The miraculous power of compound interest
The whole trick is reinvesting. Instead of paying out the income at the beginning, it is allowed to grow further. The trick is down to living abilities again, otherwise this snowball won't roll. For example, by investing $ 300 a month, compound interest at that 12% return makes more than $ 1 million in less than 30 years - isn't that magical?

In 2021, we started with the Trust Fund to bring our vision of 100x money growth to other people in six years. You can invest with us or on your own, in any case we recommend you to invest in any case - this is one of the best decisions of life!
Pildid / woww dot