List of assets

What exactly are the assets of the fund today?
All investments of the fund are public, but on the principle that they are public with a delay, not on a current basis. In January each year (January 5), a list of real estate properties owned by the fund is published, together with audited valuation reports and financial statements. The principle is that all shareholders have a clear idea of what exactly they own. The Trust Fund's partners are also provided with additional explanations of all transactions that have taken place and the objectives and guarantees of the transactions are also opened. Plans for the (near) future are also discussed. The list of assets acquired during 2021 will be disclosed: January 5, 2022
The buffer period is necessary so that we can implement our investment strategy more effectively. If we were to report all transactions on an ongoing basis throughout the year, it would be very difficult to maintain focus and manage the fund effectively. However, it is very sensible and necessary to do it once a year, once and for all.

What asset classes does the fund consist of?
1. High-quality (location) and in some respects irreplaceable, but affordable for the middle class,> 80%. The goal is to earn from both rent payments and value growth.
2. Gold and silver, <15%. Precious metals are held in cash equivalents, simply instead of euros, in order to better insure against inflation over the years (the fund constantly needs to keep free funds).
3. Dollars in the account, about 5%. You try to have as little money as possible and as much as you need at the moment.

How does WOWW make investment decisions?
Our strategy is peasant and down to earth. The fund invests in high-quality, cash-generating real estate. Real estate must have a monopoly aspect (location, uniqueness). Initially, real estate will be acquired only in Estonia, ie in (Northern) Eastern Europe. We are acquiring a type of real estate whose market is not very active at the moment. We select a number of similar items and then negotiate the price to select the most suitable deal. The need for repairs (even with a change of use) is usually welcome as an opportunity to accelerate the growth of property values.

We focus on long-term and well-behaved tenants, as a rule, the last penny will not be squeezed out of them. We keep free funds in gold and silver instead of (fiat) money in order to keep pace with inflation. We use leverage during periods of significant market downturn, if there are good deals. We are therefore opportunistic-optimistic about the timing of the markets, which is an important part of the fund's strategy. The exact use of the object is not so important to us, but what is its productivity potential (rental payments and value growth combined). Nevertheless, residential real estate is preferable. © 2021