WOWW has a strong belief that if you want to get something for yourself, you must first give everyone (many) others what they want, such as taking care of your partners' well-being. Whoever wants to grab too much of the world first will be deprived of the real joy of giving and never later of the next potential greater personal benefit - serving others will lead you to the next, greater things.

Management fee 0%
The management fee of the WOWW fund is 0%, it will continue to be so. The only service fee that the WOWW fund has had so far is the performance fee of -25% increase and jointly and severally + 25%, in case the price of the share should decrease (ie we will add it to own funds). Having summed up all our in-house and out-of-house wisdom and, over time, felt the goals of our foundation and the worldview of WOWW life, we have come to the following conclusion:

As of 03.09.2021, the current performance fee of 25% has been replaced by a performance fee of 10%
As a fund manager, I am very pleased to announce that the reduction of the performance fee from the current 25 percent to 10 percent came into force last night at 18:00. We have been thinking about it for many months and we believe that one tenth of the increase is exactly the right proportion for WOWW, how the personal interests of our fund partners are best safeguarded, the collective interests of the WOWW Fund and the potential for best growth for the WOWW business model. plan.

WOWW fund uniqueness
If we delve into the service fees of different funds, it is not difficult to notice that the conditions and service fee rates are mostly not customer-friendly at all. The mission of WOWW is that the low fee rates we set will help generate return numbers that will make our partners' eyes shine in the future. At the moment, our fund is still too young to compare returns, but time is sure to pass quickly (as always) and exciting times lie ahead!

WOWW life = 0% administration fee + 10% success fee
In summary, is a no-fee fund that charges a performance fee of 1/10 of the incremental fee for managing a real estate fund, which is automatically already included in the current value of WOWW money (shares) (displayed on our website). Management fees of 0% and a success fee of 10% are a combination that should allow as many people as possible to enjoy financial freedom so that they can live their WOWW lives.

Everything is new in September - a great continuation of the month of wisdom!
Pildid / woww dot