The concept of a person exchanging their time for money (employment, small business) is well known to all of us. But this kind of occupation, where a person does nothing and earns an easy income, is not in the usual way. This would seem to contradict the classic model of squirrel-wheeling that the school system has taught for hundreds of years (passive income is only available to aristocratic factory owners by birth).

Where do I bet this 60 seconds?
My suggestion to you is that you bet 60 seconds each month to make one transfer. Every month, continuously and for years and years in a row. You make this transfer to your investment account and buy either shares or real estate for that money. Don't try to outwit the market, just buy something general (stock indices, real estate), the main thing is that you just do it.

Become a millionaire with 60 seconds
I will now continue with a specific three-part example:
1) You invest $ 300 a month on a monthly basis, without any initial capital. $ 300 is just a random example that each of us can bet on.
2) You will continue to invest for 30 years, with an average annual return of 12%.
3) Assuming you haven't taken anything out in the meantime (ie all income is reinvested all the time), you're a millionaire in 30 years (pay attention to that word: millionaire).

Of course, 30 years may seem too long (it would be fierce to become a millionaire in 30 days, as promised in a fraudulent letter from Nigeria). Of course, an average return of 12% may be too high. In fact, a return of 6-12% could be conservatively calculated, provided you invest in real estate or stocks. BUT, that doesn't change the principle - compound interest increases your assets to absolutely incredible proportions.

Of course, you could argue that it's all such a great effort and it takes a lot more energy than 60 seconds. But I do not agree with it at all. Jenny and I (the founders of WOWW) started investing regularly in 2013, and for the first few months it really took effort, but from then on, it became a habit. In particular, I'm not a bigger thing in the budget of a private individual, so the easiest thing for me is that in the middle of the month I just make this transfer (for example, $ 500) and that money is gone for me, forgotten.

Only years later, when a good portion of money has been collected, it comes to mind sweetly and creates a good feeling of warmth. Then you are grateful that you decided to start living WOWW life.
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