A matter of trust

If the issue is to re-invest your hard-earned and saved money (which is sensible and the only right one), then the question of trust quickly arises. This is very justified, because the investor's main investment strategy should always be to ensure that the main part is preserved. Only then can we think about productivity sizes and other aspects. There is never a 100% guarantee, even for the world's largest companies or countries. However, some (preliminary) assessment can be made on the basis of the founders' activities over the last 15 years.

1. History of companies related to us
- We have a good reputation and are consistent. For example, one of the first serious projects of the fund manager, the operator company, which manages the nationwide network of school lockers, was founded in April 2007 and is still active today.
- The investment company Blond Finance OÜ, the founder of the trust fund, was established in 2013 and operates successfully to this day, the company's capital has increased steadily.

2. Transparent background of the founders of the fund
- The leaders of the WOWW Foundation are spouses who have been married since 2011 and are raising three children together.
- We want to keep an open attitude, for example, all partners can contact the fund manager at any time and / or arrange a meeting.
- Both founders of the Foundation have a degree in economics (bachelor's and master's) and work experience in the real estate and financial sectors.
Pildid / JK Jurmala
Kuutok´s celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary, August 2020

3. The capital of the fund is essentially guaranteed
- The founders have invested 300,000 euros in the fund, as a financial contribution. Given the size of the fund, this is a strong guarantee for other partners.
- A trust, as a type of legal entity, guarantees the full rights of the limited partners (partners) to the (real) assets owned by the fund, as all partners are the owners of the fund. © 2021