100x in six years

WOWW mantra
Let's say you start investing $ 500. Let's say you're good and you invest $ 500 a month. Let's say you invest it somewhere where you get a consistent and sustainable return on that money of 10.04% per annum. In this case, six years later you will have exactly 100x more money - 50,000 euros.

Want more?
Let's say you are very good and you continue to invest monthly, for a total period of 20 years. Let's say that the place where you invest is also very good and the average annual return for the whole period will be 12.01% (inflation can also accelerate significantly, considering the money prints of modern times). In this case, the result is a 1000x increase in the initial capital, so you are now the lucky owner of $ 500,000. Such is the magical power of compound interest in conjunction with admirably consistent (and boring) regular saving.

How can we help?
The above example is not taken into account, but from life itself. Our investment company started investing with $ 3,500 in 2013, and six years later it had become $ 350,000, or exactly 100x more money. Let it be said that it is not possible to predict the future, therefore the performance of the past never guarantees anything for the future. In addition to investing in the fund, we can help you develop a savings habit - the job of WOWW is to motivate your partners to invest regularly.
Pildid / AP front page
WOWW founder Kristian on the front cover of Estonia's leading business newspaper Äripäev 01.10.2020

WOWW funds uniqueness
The Trust Fund has no management fees at all. The lack of management fees is a very important nuance, because the only way for us to make a profit from managing the fund is to rely solely on a performance fee. However, this distinguishes us 180 ° from ordinary funds, which are specifically focused on management fees (yes, that is the main reason why most funds are unnecessary). In the interests of truth, it should be said that there are a good number of (real estate) funds based on performance fees in the world, and their returns are mostly good and very good. © 2021